About Us

The UK Surface Analysis Forum is a society for scientists from academia and industry with a common interest in the techniques and applications of surface analysis. It meets twice yearly, in January and July, to discuss the latest research and issues of interest to the surface analysis community and to exchange views on current trends. In addition to these regular meetings the group collaborates with other scientific and industrial groups to promote and communicate the vital role played by surface analysis in both industry and academia.

If you wish to join UKSAF, just register for our next meeting.

Organising Committee

Dr David Scurr
University of Nottingham
To be confirmed 2023
Dr Keith Hallam
University of Bristol
Dr David Morgan
Cardiff University

Committee Members

Prof Morgan Alexander University of Nottingham
Dr Paul Blenkinsopp Ionoptika
Dr Paul Mack Thermo Fisher Scientific
Dr Katie Moore University of Manchester
Dr Alex Ramadan University of Sheffield
Dr Alex Shard NPL
Dr Emily Smith University of Nottingham
Dr David Sykes Loughborough Surface Analysis
Dr Marc Walker Warwick University
Prof John Watts University of Surrey