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# Date Location Topic
91 July 23 Leeds University Surface Analysis Beyond Model Systems
90 Jan 23 Smith & Nephew, Hull Surface Analysis in Support of Product Development and Manufacture
89 July 22 University of Manchester New Technologies and Advancements in Surface Analysis (Write up - External Site)
88 Apr 22 University of Bristol Surface Analysis at the Nanoscale
87 Oct 21 Institute of Physics, London Martin Seah Memorial Meeting
86 Jan 21 Online (NPL) Measurement for Innovation (Online meeting due to COVID-19 pandemic)
85 July 20 Online (University of Nottingham) Analysis Within a Vaccum (Online meeting due to COVID-19 pandemic)
84 Jan 20 Imperial College, London Multi-technique Analysis (Download abstracts)
83 July 19 NMRC, University of Nottingham Both Ends of the Spectrum - UKSAF 40th Anniversary Celebration (View Images)
82 Jan 19 WMG, Warwick University Energy (Download presentations)
81 July 18 HarwellXPS, Harwell Complementary Surface Analysis (Download abstracts)
80 Jan 18 NSG Pilkington, Ormiskirk Coatings and Interface Analysis (Download presentations)
79 July 17 CasaXPS Ltd, Teignmouth Getting the Most Out of Your Instrument  (Download presentations)
78 Jan 17 Brighton University New Frontiers and Challenges in Surface Analysis
77 July 16 University College Dublin Surfaces for Novel Materials and Industrial Applications
76 Jan 16 Loughborough Surface Analysis Surfaces Matter
75 July 15 University of Chester Analysis at the Industry/ Environment Interface
74 Jan 15 Cardiff University Functional Materials: Creation, Characterisation & Catalysis
73 July 14 University of Surrey Analysis of the Buried Interface
72 Jan 14 The University of Nottingham The Characterisation of Small Things
71 July 13 Newcastle University Novel Depth Profiling Methods
70 Jan 13 Diamond Light Source, Oxford X-rays for Energy Research
69 July 12 Aston University, Birmingham Biomolecules at Interfaces
68 Jan 12 The University of Oxford Advances in Correlative and Multi-Technique Analysis
67 July 11 University of Sheffield Surface Analysis of Biomaterials
66 Jan 11 NPL, Teddington Surface Analysis for New Technologies
65 July 10 Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh Applications of Surface Analysis in Space Sciences
64 Jan 10 The University of Bristol Energy and the Enviroment - the applications of surface analysis
63 July 09 The University of Nottingham Single Crystal to Wet Tissue - Thirty Years of UK Surface Analysis
62 Jan 09 Imperial College, London Materials Past, Present and Future
61 July 08 The University of Ulster Solutions to Real World Problems: Challenges & Opportunities
60 Jan 08 University of Manchester Advances in Materials and Methods
59 July 07 AWE, Aldermaston Surface Analysis of Materials for Extreme Environments
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58 Jan 07 University of Newcastle Surface Chemical Analysis for Nanoscale Measurement - a joint UKSAF / MNT Measurement Club Meeting
abstracts (.doc) | (.pdf)
57 July 06 Dow Corning, Cork, Ireland Surface Analysis in the Global Economy; an Irish Perspective
56 Jan 06 Brunel University, Runnymede Campus Analysis at the Cutting Edge with Electrons Ions and Photons
55 July 05 CSMA, Stoke-on-Trent Industrial Problem Solving and the Contribution of Surface Analysis to the UK Economy
54 Jan 05 ICI Wilton, Cleveland Surface Analysis improves your quality of life: Bio and Environmental friendly alternatives to modern problems
53 July 04 University of Surrey, Guildford Young Surface Analyst of the Year
52 Jan 04 Omicron, Southgate , Crawley , Recent advances in Nanotechnology
51 July 03 Millbrook, Grange over Sands, Cumbria Surface Coatings Smarter Than the Average Layer their Creation and Characterisation
50 Jan 03 Dow Corning, Cardiff Improved Performance Through Surface Engineering
49 July 02 BAE, Filton Young Surface Analyst of the Year
48 Jan 02 NPL, Teddington Facts from Spectra in High-Throughput Analyses
47 July 01 Kratos, Manchester Getting the Message Across
46 Jan 01 VG, East Grinstead Improving Productivity using Surface Analysis
45 July 00 Corus, Rotherham Metals for the Millennium
44 Jan 00 Loughborough University Polymer Surface Analysis: Combined ESCAUsers/SIMS Users Forum
43 7/07/99 University of Wales, Cardiff Data Processing and Data Systems: What Real Progress has been made since the early 90's?
42 6/01/99 Shell UK Multi-Technique Problem Solving in an Industrial Environment
41 15/07/98 NPL, Teddington, London The Characterisation of Thin Layers and Depth Profiles by Angle Resolved XPS
40 07/01/98 IAC, Bristol University Nano-Analysis
39 09/07/97 Daresbury Laboratory Fine Tuning Your Data
38 15/01/97 University of Manchester The Surface and its Environment
37 03/07/96 British Aerospace Joint Studies in Surface Analysis
36 05/01/96 Aston University Surface Modification by Design (or Accident?)
35 06/07/95 Cranfield University In Support of Manufacturing
34 05/01/95 Univ of Surrey Physico-Chemical Parameters from Surface Analysis
33 6-7/7/94 Aberystwyth Improving your Instrument's Capabilities
32 11/01/94 Nottingham Honey, I Shrunk the Sample!
31 07/07/93 IRC, Liverpool Total Surface Analysis
30 07/01/93 Courtaulds New Options in Data Interpretation
29 15/07/92 Sheffield Hallam From Surface Analysis to Sample Performance
28 08/01/92 Southampton From Real World to UHV - Bridging the Credibility Gap
27 03/07/91 ICI, Runcorn QA is coming - Is your Laboratory Ready?
26 03/01/91 Bristol Surface Morphology - Determination and Consequences
25 03/07/90 UMIST Materials Degradation and Protection
24 04/01/90 ICI, Wilton Polymer, Organic and Biological Materials
23 06/07/89 Univ of Warwick Particles and Fibres
22 05/01/89 Brunel University Are you getting the best out of your technique?
21 05/07/88 University of Wales, Cardiff Data/Image Processing in XPS/AES
20 05/01/88 Unilever The Importance of Correct Sampling Procedures in Surface Science
19 07/07/87 JET, Culham Non-destructive Depth Profiling
18 08/01/87 Univ of Loughborough Adhesion or Lack of it?
17 08/07/86 University of York Electron Spectroscopy - What are the Alternatives?
16 07/01/86 CEGB, Berkeley Small Area XPS
15 02/07/85 Springfields Polymer/Metal Interfaces
14 08/01/85 Harwell In-situ Reaction Studies
13 03/07/84 BT, Martlesham Spatial Information in Surface Analysis
12 11/04/84 Cambridge Joint UK ESCA UG/SCADEG Meeting
11 05/01/84 University of Surrey Datasystems- Present and Future Needs
10 05/07/83 Liverpool Position Sensitivity/Photon Detection
9 06/01/83 NPL, Teddington Sample Degradation in Analysis
8 06/07/82 Welding Institute Chemical Information in XPS/AES
7 21/04/82 Holland Joint UK ESCA UG/SCADEG Meeting
6 05/01/82 Imperial College Quantification
5 07/07/81 Shell, Thornton Carbon - Friend or Foe?
4 06/01/81 BP, Sunbury Sputtering
3 01/07/80 Newcastle Ion Beam Profiling
2 08/01/80 CERL Data systems
1 06/11/79 Harwell Inaugural Meeting