Student Travel Awards

The UK Surface Analysis Forum (UKSAF) provides contributions towards the expenses of students at national and international conferences.

Typically two to four awards are made every year and the level of the award is commensurate with the location of the meeting. To qualify for the award the student must be an UKSAF member, i.e. they should have attended at least one UKSAF meeting and they must present work that is related to surface analysis.

In the case that applications exceed the allocated funds, awards will be made to those applications deemed by the UKSAF committee to have the most relevance to surface analysis, the highest quality of contribution and the most prestigious conference. Students should provide details of the meeting, the abstract of their presentation and evidence that their contribution has been accepted.

The level of the awards and further details are announced every summer to UKSAF members.

Past Award Winners

Year Award Winner Institution Conference Presentation Download
2017 Gustavo F. Trindade University of Surrey ECASIA '17 (Montpelier, France) zip
2017 Stacy Moore University of Bristol EUROCORR 2017 (Prague, Czech Republic)