The UK Surface Analysis Forum is a society for scientists from academia and industry with a common interest in the techniques and applications of surface analysis. It meets twice yearly, in January and July, to discuss the latest research and issues of interest to the surface analysis community and to exchange views on current trends. In addition to these regular meetings the group collaborates with other scientific and industrial groups to promote and communicate the vital role played by surface analysis in both industry and academia.

Although the society is based in the UK, membership is open to all and we encourage participants from institutions outside the UK. To join the group, simply register and attend the next meeting, and opt to pay the one-off non-member supplement.

Next Meeting

 In 1978, David Hercules contributed a paper to Analytical Chemistry titled “Challenges in surface analysis”. After almost four decades of intensive activity, substantial progress has been made in many areas. Nevertheless, a significant proportion of the issues identified in the 1978 paper are still present. Understanding surface chemistry and structure is key to many recent and emerging scientific and technological developments.  As complexity increases and the scale of devices reduces we continue to encounter new and fresh challenges in surface analysis.
This winter UKSAF meeting, will bring together speakers from industry and academia, instrument users and manufacturers to demonstrate different problems and challenges they face and is expected to provide a platform to discuss these fresh issues in the field of surface science.
Location: Room 300, Huxley Building, University of Brighton, Lewes Road, Brighton BN2 4GJ
Hosted by: University of Brighton
Date: Friday 6th January 2017